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Ann-Louise Hanson for the future after 60 years as an artist

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Artist Anne-Louise Hanson celebrates 60 years as an artist.

Now she tells when she puts the microphone on the shelf.

"When it sounds bad, I have to shut up," she says.

Anne-Louis Henson, 75, is at least veteran when it comes to presenting the stage. Not least in "Allsång på Skansen", which she has been involved in more than she can remember. He had appeared on TV before, and when Egon Kerman guided the singing.

"I do not know how many times I've been here, I've tried to figure it out. It can be around 12-15 times in all years. She was with all the singers, she says.

This year, Ann-Louise Hanson celebrates 60 years as an artist, and in April she is 75 years old. She has been active since the age of 15 and has no plans to end her song.

"Not as long as the voice lasts. I have a family that is very musical and they have promised to tell me if I do not have the strength to stop before it's too late. When it sounds bad, I have to stop. I usually say that one has to postpone when applause is stronger when they leave the scene than when they enter the entrance.

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Anne-Lewis Hansen and Sana Nielsen.

Enjoy Bichara

Anne-Louise Henson developed a pleasant relationship with artist Bishara Morad after participating in Melodifestivalen 2019. During a recurrence in Lidkoping she began to cry when she heard Boshara's voice.

– I cry a lot. Especially when it's music that touches me, and especially when the voices are in the heart. So this guy, I'm starting to cry again, she said in the TV broadcast of the magazine.

Like Anne-Louise Henson, Bishara has gone through an early age, and today they are again on the same scene. Together they performed the song "I once had a boat".

– I feel so good. He is so cute. I feel like an extra-grandmother in front of him and that he had to sing together at that was a good date.

But not only the music scene has contact. They follow each other at Instagram and usually send emoji to each other.

"We give each other little kisses and a little like that.

We have flowers after delivery

Prior to the program, it was reported that Ann-Louis Henson would be celebrated a little more in the evening program.

In the Nöjesbladet chat, some viewers wondered what happened to the holiday. But Ann-Louise Henson says she was certainly celebrated. She had a bouquet of flowers and was more than the other artists.

"I was celebrating that I was here and they were celebrating that I was 75 years old. I was the only one who had flowers.

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