Sunday , June 20 2021

Another horse lost in a packet of viral abortions in UDS

In early January, the horse dies in the apartments of the neurological form of viral abortion. The horse came from the Skane rider, Okersberga Riddacher, and since then several horses have been transported to the UDS University Hospital in Utuluna outside of Uppsala for care.

Now one of the injured horses who have stood at Skånsta Ryttare UDS University Hospital died or was killed.

There was no chance for the horse to be supported by a hammock. The hammer is a harness used for horses that for various reasons need help to stay or not to stand or fold. Hammocks are attached to heavy beams and trapezoidal ceiling elements that require heavy, permanent installations.

So far, two horses have died, some have taken care of the UDS, and the Skånsta riders' horses are observed to experience neurological symptoms.

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