Thursday , July 29 2021

Antonia Johnson Again in Studio Paradise Gothenburg Post

Smile Aliostovic joins Antonia "Anti" Johnson in the role of host of the Studio Paradise program in Viafree. Youtubern Antonia "Anty" Johnson ran the program earlier and is now back.

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"It's so fun to get back to the studio, and I'm smoother than ever in this painful, cruel season," says Antonia Johnson in a press release.

The tenth season of Paradise hotel on TV3 starts on March 4 and two days later is the premiere of Studio Paradise.

Previously, Rebecca Stella, another veteran of Studio Paradise, replaced Malin Gramer as host of the main program.

In addition to the follow-up program, the Nordic Entertainment Group will also launch a PH podcast with Christian Taleblad and Anna Pankova, as well as a bonus program with Johanna Blade.

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