Sunday , June 13 2021

Cat owners are preparing for a disaster

At home with the owner of the cat Stefan Stoffegel in Stockholm there is a box of tuna and straw ready – in case the crisis came.

The Cigrid cat in the house of Stefan Stalpogel's Private / TT

Just as obvious as their children's minds before the storms and wars, the Stålfågel family expects the Ciggrid cat to prepare.

"If social security supplies had to be destroyed, one could not just leave the cat in the street, they also had to survive," says Stallgofel.

Prepare means you are preparing for a disaster with layers of food, water and gadgets to save for a certain amount of time.

– Once you start thinking that you have to move, it will be natural to include the animals as well. Still, you love them, Stallogel says.

He suggests placing mostly moist food in the box, such as cat tuna, so you do not have to collect as much liquid.

"Then I want to have a leash lying nearby if we have to get out of here."

Even heat and sewage are important, so packed cat litter and blankets are in the box, says Stefan Stalphogel.

Cat Cigrid, which is a 75% Persian and a 25% Cat Farm, will remain measured for about a week with food in the box.

"Obviously we've packed the kitchen and the like, but that's mostly for the rest of the family," he says.

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