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Charlotte Perrelli about Christer Sjögren's song in So much better


Charlotte Perrelli compares her day with "Much better" with a lighter version of marriage.

But Christer Sjögren's song selection surprised the artist.

– This is not my own song. I don't think you should do that, "Charlotte Perrelli said.

Charlotte Perrelli, 44, celebrated in the fourth part "Much better". The Eurovision winner remembers how nervous he was before the recording day.

"You don't know what will happen or how the layout. Is there a surprise that I like? You are very open. But it's like a wedding anniversary or birthday, with so much love in dedication, respect, and everyone's song, he said birthday party and continue:

– This is a very good version. Some of them in my opinion are far better than my original version. This is very unusual and fun to experience. I feel truly overcome when that day ends. I cried very much and was very concerned.

"Not my original song"

But one interpretation creates confusion. Christer Sjögren, 68, featuring a smashing version "Don & # 39; t cry for me Argentina" – the song Charlotte Perrelli has served in 200 shows at Malmo Opera like Eva Perón. But it's not the song itself.

"The interpretation that surprised me most was probably Christer's. This is not my original song," Charlotte Perrelli said.

"I feel very much for that, but I can't take that honor is my song. It's like I'm going to sing" My Way "from Frank Sinatraif now Christer sings in it.

The glowing baritone voice of Christer Sjögren circled the mystery at the dinner table – and Charlotte Perrelli enjoyed a beautiful appearance. But the question mark around the song selection still exists.

"This surprised me"

– I didn't say it was wrong, but that surprised me the most. He had a pleasant connection because we both made musicals and came from the dance band world and got the opportunity to do other things so I understood how he thought. But because it's not my own song, I think maybe you shouldn't do it, but I don't mind. That was the most surprising to me.

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Christer Sjögren sings "Don't cry for me Argentina".

The selection of songs also confuses viewers.

"The sjögren doesn't Madonnas version Don't cry for me, on Charlotte Perrelli's day it's much better. Is that legal? ", Write one on Twitter.

"This program is the best in this season. Still, Christer can choose one of the Charlottes songs instead," wrote another.

"Eehh … is Madonna's sailor singing to Perrelli? Very strange I have to say", the third twitter.

Nöjesbladet has been looking for Christer Sjögren.

"A very pleasant experience"

In the program, Charlotte Perrelli spoke frankly, although Wizex sued him with 400,000 crowns, mocked by Bert Karlsson and media appearances. The program time is extended by half an hour because of the large amount of raw material. Even the first part with Eric Gadd is two hours long, while the next artist each receives one and a half hours since.

"It was a very pleasant experience. We have so many things to talk about and never received a fraction of everything we talked about. It feels good to show other pages that are always there, you might not be shown. You might not understand what I natural, but creating ideas based on bills.

"Much better" will be broadcast on Saturday at 8:00 p.m. on TV4 and on TV4 Play.

Do you remember the Charlotte Perrelli style? 1:06

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