Wednesday , February 8 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo adored the fans – left with private plans


byJamshid Jamshidi, Oscar Rickstrand

Fans were ready for Cristiano Ronaldo in Orlando.

But the big star tossed.

He avoids the supporters and leaves Stockholm with his own private plan.

About 30 fans were waiting inside Orlando late Saturday night. They were waiting for Juventus, who earlier today entered the Friends Arena for a training match against Atletico Madrid and many were certainly hoping for a meeting with world star Cristiano Ronaldo.

But it was blown up.

You took a different route – your own private plan

When Juventus arrived at the airport to leave the country, Ronaldo did not show up.

He reportedly took a different route and left Stockholm with his own private plan, while the rest of the team had rented a common plan.

1 of 6 | Photo: Jamshid Jamshidi

Remarkably, Terminal 2 was actually closed, but for a long time it was open to the Italian champion team. The guards and the police met with Juventus and held the barricades.

Felix stole the show

Ronaldo played 71 minutes and became silent in the training game of the evening, which Atletico Madrid won by 2-1. Then, a new photo of Atletico star Joao Felix was left in the spotlight.

Juventus and Ronaldo have two weeks left for the show to premiere, where Parma expects the long haul.

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