Monday , August 2 2021

Damper for fires: "You're getting harder"

Now we must all focus our focus so that pure negligence does not cause even more fires to penetrate the dry land. This is the message of Interior Minister Mikael Damberg following the forest fire near Hasteva in northern Skane.

Interior Minister Mikael Damberg (S) visits the site of the forces that fight forest fires, but for Johan Nilsson / TT

Now it's serious. You will be exiled. It's not that you can bake when it's forbidden. One can not operate a combustion engine when it is not safe. You have to think about it because we have a new situation in Sweden, says Mikael Damberg (S).

He also hopes that more people will take up the task as a part-time firefighter, or choose the full-time firefighter's team. The federal government of firefighters warns that almost 3000 firefighters need to be hired if the rescue services have to manage the crew during the summer vacation.

This appointment and determination of wages is the responsibility of the municipalities, emphasizes Dambberg. It is the responsibility of the state to expand education.

"I hope the successful efforts of the rescue services in Sweden will receive a lot of positive attention and will attract more people to enter this profession," says Mikael Damburg.

He thinks it is worrying that Sweden already suffers from forest fires and wildfires this year.

The minister believes in this This is due to climate change and its conclusion is that Sweden needs to be better prepared to deal with fires.

The fire fight outside Hästveda is impressive, he says, and in particular highlights the collaboration between Scanian's rescue services and all farmers who have established themselves with machines and labor.

But he does not feel comfortable before the summer.

– I am convinced that this summer we have more readiness than last summer, not least the flying resources with 30 helicopters. But I'm not calm.

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