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Depression at an early age can affect adult life – Pages

Mental illness continues to grow among children and adolescents. Girls are more affected than boys. Despite the fact that more and more people receive care and treatment, tails continue to increase, the National Health and Welfare Board said in its assessment.

The Authority can also now for the first time show that depression and / or anxiety syndrome at an early age risk to accompany the affected person for a long time and affect the whole of adult life. A total of 30% of young people diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorder in 2008 still need care ten years later. A little over half still have drugs.

Ends out

This in turn reduces the chance to live an independent adult life. Of those who suffered from mental illness at the beginning of their lives, almost every fourth out of the labor market stood ten years after the diagnosis, showing long-term follow-up. And that means, in addition to the sufferings and poor personal finances of the victim, huge costs for society.

Yes, it costs a lot of money when young people have difficulty settling. And that may be the most important conclusion: that it is so important to prevent early detection of mental illnesses, says Olivia Wiggles, Director General of the National Council on Health and Welfare.

Built-in network

In the report, the National Council on Health and Welfare does not enter into what may be behind rising mental health, but the focus is on the way care and treatment appear. The National Council for Health and Welfare notes that there is a lot in that psychiatric primary care for young people with mild to moderate mental disorders – first aid – is expanded. But waiting time is still long.

This is why Olivia Vigcell focuses on continuous development, which builds networks around children and young people who show signs of mental illness.

This is an important initiative in dealing with the health of students, municipal social services and health and medical services. If we can show that it is good and efficient to go early and coordinated, I think it is taken further. If you do not add resources to preventive work, it will have major consequences for the individual and society. Mental health is a major public health problem and should be treated in this way, says Olivia Wigzel.

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