Wednesday , June 16 2021

Do you know Danail Bromander in Talang? Not so strange

Talent 2019 has probably surprised the audience, the jury and the production more than any other year. In the evening section we saw a face that many of us saw before.

Daniel Bromander, 38, got on stage during the evening and gave a song that made the whole jury fly back. Then I asked Alexander Bard shocked if he had already been singing a gospel or singing in a choir, and then it was about what Daniel had experienced earlier in his life. Daniel was in the Philadelphia meeting in Knudby, where the scandalous Knutbidramatis happened.

Knutbydramat refers to the murder events in the Gränsta community on January 10, 2004, right in front of Knutby in Uppsala County. All participants were members of the Philadelphia Assembly. pastor Helge Fossmo the wife is killed, and another member of the ward is seriously injured.

Daniel was in the Knudby Assembly
Daniel and his wife left the meeting and now continue their lives with their children. Image source: TV4Play
Daniel Bromander
He says that he and his wife should go to therapy so they can move on. That's what he told in a SVT documentary "When Paradise Turns Into Hell." Image source: TV4play

The murder and the next lawsuit were the main news in the Swedish media that they had happened in the next two quarters since 2004.

Talent 2019
He was very commended by the jury after his song. Image source: TV4Play

During his performance, he told the jury of his experience in the sect, and the traumatic family had to pass before he was released.

"This is my biggest dream, and now I'm finally here," Danielle said with tears in his eyes.

You can see how he went to Daniel4 and Tv4Play.

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