Tuesday , June 15 2021

Ebba Anderson for the World Cup press

On Tuesday, SVT Sport met with Ebba Andersson in Seiser Alm after training with Charlotte Kalla.

"It's really nice here, I really like the opportunity to be here," she says.

For Ebba Anderson, who debuted in Lahti in 2017, Seefeld became her second world championship. But despite the fact that Charlotte Cala has much more experience, she tries to stick to her own plan.

– I'm trying to focus on mine. But, of course, this is the security that must be with Charlotte, who was here before so many championships before.

Big step

Ebba Anderson, who has rolled pallets in the World Championship during the season and took two golds recently at the MC, says she has exceeded expectations.

"If I want to be honest, I think it's hard to say that" this is what really worked this year. " I think more for a whole, training works well, I became a year older. I took steps even closer to the absolute world summit, she says.

In addition, the success of other Swedes is inspired.

"Seeing that those I trained through the season are at such a high level, it was really inspiring for me. We have proof that what we did during this training season is high.

"Fully aware"

Unlike the 2017 World Cup, there are now big expectations for Anderson. The press she intends to process by focusing on what she has to do here and now.

"But I'm well aware that I have good chances to fix the medal. I know how necessary it is, so I'm trying to be humble before what comes here, she says.

Her dreams, however, do not intend to share with her before the World Cup.

"I have absolute dreams, but I like them for myself," she says.

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