Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Europol in a huge leap against alleged drug smugglers

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Police hit the drugstore last week and, according to Europol, the efforts are "the biggest in Europe".

According to Europol, the league is very professional and dangerous and engages in smuggling, money laundering and murder. Between 2017 and 2019, the turnover amounted to about 680 million pounds, equivalent to just over SEK 8,3 billion.

The "icebreaker" initiative led to the start of the suspected leader, a 48-year-old Latvian citizen, in Spain. The rest were arrested by police in Poland, Lithuania, Spain and the UK.

Most of the revenue entered the league by smuggling cigarettes and drugs into the UK and then transferring money to Poland where they were washed in exchange bureaus and then invested in property in Spain and other countries, the police said.

450 police officers committed, among other things, 40 searches and money, diamonds, gold, jewelery and luxury cars were seized at just over 85 million Swedish crowns.

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