Friday , March 31 2023

First is the new high school – Enköping


Last November, Ingvar Smedlund switched roles from opposition councils to municipal councils. The ruling minority coalition in Encheping is made up of moderates, the Center Party, the Green Party, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats.

– It was intense. In eight months, we made two budgets, one financial year and an on-board plan, says Ingvar Smedlund.

When I interviewed you before the election, you think the dialogue between the parties in Encheping is too bad. Is it better now?

– Yes, we generally have meetings with the opposition every week, mostly with the opposition council Jesper Englund. Then Jesper joins almost all of our preparations in which I was not involved when I was the opposition council. But dialogue can always be better, says Ingvar Smedlund.

The governing coalition's "failure" was when the City Council decided on the 2019 budgetary framework for committees. There, the Social Democrats and Nystart won Encoping's proposal in council.

– We had 30 days to prepare a budget. In terms of time, it was useless to have a meaningful dialogue.

He notes that there are shortcomings in the management of the municipality without a political majority. Some of the risks he sees are that trade-offs can be reduced, this can drag on over time and that uncertainty can be greater.

– We have the most difficult situation you can have, first sit five parties that have to balance and then we do not have a majority.

– This is the most difficult situation we have, but we are allowed to deal with it. Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue applies. Then we in the various parties agree on 90 percent of all questions.

What or what are the most important issues in Enköping now?

– The most important is what lies in the pipeline and, long ago, our properties.

In turn, it is a new high school, a new municipal building, Strathropen and Joar Blyot. He hopes decisions on these new buildings will be taken before the end of the year.

– The other important thing is that we are heading for recession. We made difficult decisions this June. But we still need to grow the business so that we can maintain our legitimate, well-served business.

As for the economy, he says the municipality of Encheping had lower revenues, as a percentage, than other municipalities.

– Enköping's result was 2% of last term. The average in other municipalities in Sweden was 3 to 4 percent. This is money that can go for future investment.

– Enköping support investments alone amount to SEK 150 million annually.

In addition to ongoing maintenance, Enköping will invest big money in new properties over the next few years. For the new high school alone (the biggest investment) is an investment of up to three quarters of a billion. Smedlund mentions at least half a billion.

– I hope there is already a decision in September on what the high school should contain.

Next comes a new mayoralty. In terms of mayoralty, Ingvar Smedlund has some views of the location, except that it must be a "decent city close by" (somewhere around the network city).

He expects operations to be more efficient in a cohesive municipal building than today, with administrations spread across several locations.

The statue (where Stadshotellet once was) is owned by the municipality. There the ambition of the municipality wanted to be established.

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