Sunday , August 1 2021

Flu Vaccine Will End – Pages

Since November 6, eastern Europeans have been able to vaccinate against flu. This year all health centers have had open vaccinations a few days a week. But now the county council has been advising the vaccine to finish, although everyone who has to be vaccinated has not done so. The company that delivers the vaccine is not included when demand has become greater than expected.

"This is because we recommend risk groups and our employees to vaccinate and we need to calculate how much we need before vaccinations are made, this year takes much more than we expected," said Brit Aklerlind.

How serious is the situation in Östergötland? Can the vaccine end soon?

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"This is so serious across the country, and this is no better in Ostend than anywhere else. It is not clear when we can get new doses but it will be new.

According to Brit Aklerlind, the situation is still not "black" despite seriousness.

"So far, we had only a few cases of flu. However, there is plenty of time for anyone who wants and needs to be vaccinated, they will. New doses should come.

The risk groups that are allowed to vaccinate free of charge are people over the age of 65, pregnant after the 16th week and adults and children of six months with certain diseases. However, it costs 300 crowns for people outside the risk group to vaccinate.

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