Saturday , July 31 2021

Frölunda may be forced to play without the keeper Johan Mattsson.

The consequences of SM's third final were a lot for the situation at the end of the first period when Frölundamålvåg Johan Mattsson was forced to break the game.

The 27-year-old, who turned on Thursday, clashed with his own back, Jacob Moagrere, who was overtaken by Jacob Lily.

The judges appreciated it as a cross-check, and Roger was not happy after the race and found that Matson, who is the best playoff goalkeeper, was injured.

In the second period, Deputy Johan Gustafsson was hit by Dick Axelson.

Rönnberg said he did not want to say Djurgården deliberately tried to hurt his players, but he said.

– The safety of the goalkeepers is focused throughout the season. To assess this depends on the situation and the disciplinary committee.

False Jacob Lily defend yourself.

"I do not know if he saw me coming there, but I do not think I touched him so much. Then it is clear that the sad thing about the goalkeeper was hurt, said the breeder.

He was disappointed with himself and the team to resume the evictions, which became fatal. Djurgården's game is not convinced during the finals, and even in games 5-5 you often find yourself in your own area.

– We knew Frölunda would be difficult after a really good Globe match. It is now up to us to reload and make just as good a game on Saturday, Lily said.

He was not the only one discussed the situation in Scandinavia. In the third period, Marcus Davidson dealt with Simon Hyalmarsson in the pit, and the hosts attracted their displeasure.

This was done by the volunteer captain Joel Lundkvist.

"This is a very high risk of injury," he said.

There were hot emotions as a whole towards the end. Jonathan Sigallet and Daniel Brodin held an internal boxing and wrestling match that allowed them to leave the ice.

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