Tuesday , June 15 2021

Hammarby lost to Finland in front of HJK ​​Helsinki

Bilborn: "You can not make such stupid decisions"


fromFredrik Jonsson

A few hard moments were driving Hammarbi to Finland.

The team lost 1-0 for a loss of 1-3 against Helsinki.

"All three of the goals we run make stupid decisions simply. Then the train goes and then it becomes a goal. One can not take so many stupid decisions, coach Stephan Billboard says on Hammarby's website.

The first half without words. Seven minutes later, Hammarby's management target arrived.

Darijan Boyanic scored the ball in the penalty area and Vladimir Rodic nodded 1: 0 to Bajen. But the leadership stood for only two minutes. Akselli Pelvas pressed 1: 1 on a return after a good rescue from Hamarbi goalkeeper Davor Blazevic.

"I did not really see it, but it seemed to me that the whole ocean opens on the waiting side," says coach Stefan Bilborn.

Several players in Hammarby looked at the assistant judge and said he was ambushed by HJK.

Within a few minutes came the next blow to Hammarby.

Two Tarasov Targets

Dusan Jajic slipped through the central defense, but the referee gave the foul. HJK canceled and Tarasov shot in 1-2 with half-defense.

Hammarby chases a receipt at the final stage, but instead of 2-2 he gets 3-1. The HJK resisted in the 86th minute and Tarasov freed with Davor Blazevic and the striker scored 3-1. That was his second goal for the day.

"Very good solution"

Coach Stefan Bilborn was not happy.

– In the first half I think we have a poor team structure, we do not go into position. This will be a very gloomy game. There are not many chances, but the carpet is like a handball plane, Bilborn says.

– In the second half they play very naively. They play twelve thirteen passes outside of their own penalty area and we do not take the ball. If you do not take the ball and they are able to pass, they will get some adjustments. All three goals we run make stupid decisions simply. Then the train goes and then it becomes a goal. You can not make such stupid decisions.

The Hedge also played on Saturday. The team fell 0-2 at home against Norway Sarpsborg.

They have made the most seasons in Allsvenskan 00:22

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