Friday , September 24 2021

Hammarby won the public again – with 15 (!) Viewers

Photo: Bildbyrån

Please try again

See the powerful tifo Bay before kicking the fence in the player above.

Hammarby has had an audience of 23,667 this year – the best in all of Sweden.
Bajen won the public with an average of only 15 spectators more than AIK.

During Sunday there are more than 80,000 people in all Swedish football in the Stockholm area. 50 128 spectators saw gold hunter AIK meet Gif Sundsvall at Friends Arena and 31 810 saw Hammarby meet Häcken at Kennedy Bakircioglus's farewell match at the Tele2 Arena.

Two public festivals also decided which team would win the public in all of Sweden, when both Bajen and Gnaget had now finished playing at home. For the fourth consecutive year, Hammarby was at the top, with an average of 23,667 spectators at the Tele2 Arena. AIK has an average of only 15 spectators who are worse – 23 664.

Trea in the public is Malmö FF from 15,082 spectators. The club can place the figure when Elfsborg visits the stadium in the final round.

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