Wednesday , September 28 2022

He said "little old man" – now Stefan Ärnsved has been notified


Kif Örebro's Stefan Ärnsved risks being shut down

byChristopher Bergstrom

Stefan Ärnsved by Kif Orebro put his hand on the judge's shoulder and called her "the little old man."

Now the coach risks being suspended or fined, but does not want to comment on the events.

“No, I agree with the Disciplinary Board,” he says.

On Wednesday, Keefe Erebro could get a penalty kick at the end of the first half against Gothenburg. Heather Williams was kicked out of the visitors' goalkeeper and as the referee cleared, coach Stefan Earnswed was roaring.

The fourth judge tried to reassure him, but was greeted with a pat on the shoulder and the words "little old man, little old man."

– Used only for nerve-destroying purposes. It does not belong to football, said head referee Ulrika Lev.

Fines or suspension

Gothenburg won the summit 3-0. In retrospect, the referees sent a report to the Swedish Football Association, which led the report to the Disciplinary Board.

– I was informed today that a complaint has been lodged against Stefan Ärnsved. He has orders to speak and then we will try, says council chairman Kerstin Elert.

Firewoods are at risk of being reprimanded, stopped or fined. On Tuesday, August 27, the Disciplinary Committee will meet next time, and then the sanction will probably be resolved.

Is it resolved?

– What you can say during a match is governed by the Statute of the Swedish Sports Federation. There is a provision that aims to act unjustifiably against a player, leader or functionary. In this case, it happened during a match and then no action was taken, Elsert says.

How does it affect your performance by not being punished during the match?

– We will see. This is a question that we take into account: a decision already taken or not? This can have different consequences, but I can say no more.

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