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He was convicted of murder in a garage – released

The bloody war between the two criminal networks in Östberga and Bredäng has collapsed since 2013. Over the years, police have linked several murders and attempted murder to the conflict – but many of the deaths remain unresolved in the absence of evidence.

Now police and prosecutors are being hit by a new hurdle in the gang's ongoing war.

The 35-year-old, sentenced to 12 years in prison for murder and attempted murder in a garage in Östberga in the district court, seems free.

On Friday, he was dismissed by the Court of Appeal of Svea.

Lawyer: "Jackal"

"That was quite expected from my point of view," says his lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic.

"Of course I'm relieved of his responsibility. He is charged with a very serious crime.

The incident happened in August 2017. Then a masked automatic gunman opened against three men linked to the so-called Östbergan network. One of them, 21, was shot dead and another was injured.

The company that was shot also had a child with them when the shooting took place. The boy managed to escape from the place and managed to become unharmed.

Eight were charged – all were released

For the police and the prosecution office, this is the second big hurdle in the Östberga conflict recently.

In November 2017, a designated leader of the Bredängsnätverket was shot in Mariohol in Stockholm after a car chase.

Eight men – including the designated network leader Östbergan – were accused of involvement in the murder. The District Court condemned only two of them. In the Appellate Court, she ended up acquittal for both.

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