Sunday , June 13 2021

Hill fixed IFK's latest win – IFK Norrköping

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After a week-long camp in Portugal, IFK Norrköping returned home again in the cold and a training match against all the new Swedish AFC Eskilstuna on Tuesday afternoon.

In the first half of the Östgöta gate there was a lot of trouble and a ball. The fact that he was a young home team was noticed last but not least in the middle where the orutine occasionally flashed.

Some decent regimes were created by both teams. Christopher Niman struggled to the top, but without result. Isaac Petterson scared a few times and brought the picture to the picture just before the break.

The new Rasmus Lauritsen hill had a heavy afternoon. 22-year-old Rasmuss, who was only IFK as a player on Monday, participated in several solid fights, received a warning and received another one, but at that time the judge was satisfied with a heavy censure. There was an outcast in the air.

By the second half there was a really new IFK team. A significantly more experienced crew was held on artificial grass. He also appeared in the game, where the hosts took over and came into play rather like what you would prefer. But the chances were clear.

AFK's aggressiveness has broken the more technical white-blue lire. It takes a free kick to get the cracked zero. Sead Haksabanovic lifted the ball and Henrik Castegren held his foot and ruled 1-0 in 81 minutes. It was just the blow to the match.

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