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Huaweichef: Manages Us Without American Technology Gothenburg Post

The main message is that we will continue to update and provide customer service to all existing products.

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The same goes for accessing Google and Android. Existing Huawei users will therefore not be affected and will continue to have access to Google Play and can download available applications. According to Kenneth Fredricksen, interrupted collaboration does not mean that existing Huawei users will be excluded from the operating system. The same principle applies to all existing models. Future new models, however, may be affected.

black lists

We have a dialogue with Google and Android on how we can solve this problem in a good way. We as a company always work with different scenarios and I'm sure we can continue to deliver future products that customers want.

That's what Kenneth Fredriksson says about the US decision to include the blacklist in the company, which has led Google and several US chipmakers to interrupt cooperation with Huawei.

However, the United States later mitigated the restrictions when it was announced that Huawei was allowed to continue to buy US components and software for existing networks and phones for 90 days to avoid serious disruption to Huawei's customers.

"We can do it"

How serious is the announcement that Google will cancel the cooperation?

I have no comment about this. We can deal both with and without US suppliers, but of course we want to cooperate with the ecosystem, without being limited in any way, but if we are limited, we will solve it.

As to whether Huawei has developed its own operating system that can be used instead of Android, Kenneth Fredriksen responds that the company always has Plan B and perhaps Plan C.

We believe Android is a platform that offers much of what we are fighting for; innovation, free competition, openness, etc., and that's why we want to be part of Android even in the future.

In the first quarter of this year, Huawei had a market share of about 15% in Sweden.

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