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It is difficult to get medical time for skin changes – Sörmland


Skin cancer is the fastest growing form of cancer. The skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin is also exposed a lot, including through sunlight. A lot of sunlight is the biggest cause of skin cancer. Usually, women get skin cancer on the lower legs, and men most often on the boot.

Nearly 10,000 people in Sweden each year suffer from both skin cancers, malignant melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma. In addition, up to 35,000 people get the mild form of skin cancer, basal cell cancer. Every year 600 people die of skin cancer.

Tommy Nilson over the years has eliminated skin changes in the body and regularly looks for skin changes.

"In the past, they eliminated skin changes with a laser at Mälar Hospital," he says.

But ointment is prescribed to change the skin of his right cheek.

You can go to a skin clinic at your nearest hospital without a referral from another doctor. But Sol-Brit Lon Ram, head of operations at the skin clinic, doesn't want that. The reason is poorly written.

Sörmland has the fewest skin and disease specialists transmitted under the PDB, which is the collective name of 100,000 residents (Source: National Board of Health, 2016)

– We must give priority. We are too little for the mission we have, she says.

Sol-Britt Lonne Rahm and colleague Parastoo Salehzadeh say those who seek care directly have harmless skin changes. Therefore, they push patients away from what doctors want to treat. Lonne Rahm and Salehzadeh want the patient to take the route through their medical center where a general practitioner can make an initial assessment.

"The doctor can take a picture of the skin change and send it to us," says Parastoo Salehzadeh.

You can also view the body for your account. The most common first symptoms of skin cancer are that birthmarks start to itch, grow or change color and shape. Early detection means that cancer is more likely to spread to the body.

80-85 percent of all patients with malignant melanoma in the skin are cured. Forecasts have increased in recent years, one of the causes being identified early. Another reason is that medical development; the patient's immune cells can now attack the tumors so that the right medicine can be introduced.

Tommy Nilson wants him to have time for a dermatologist – to calm his anxiety.

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