Monday , July 26 2021

Jämtland Basket coach dies: "Lost a lot of money"

"It will be written too, so he must get what is written fairly," said Torbjörn Gehrke, head coach of Jämtland Basket to SVT Sport.

These are the first words he said. How many words mean in this context, nobody knows enough – but not many can do Zeljko Brlek justice like Torbjörn Gehrke. Duon has been a coach colleague for seven years. They have worked together every day and melted together, said Torbjörn Gehrke.

Leave a big hole

"There are only a few people who know and know who this person is. A man who goes backwards. That's the way. I don't know how many times I go up to players so they feel bad and you see him sitting with players since. , he continued to shake his voice.

Gehrke describes it as someone with great loyalty, and with commitments that mostly involve two things.

– If you look for a word that is faithful in the dictionary, you will see his face there. He has a crazy attitude towards the team. Two things he cares about are his daughter and his team. That's where he spends his time when he's not working. Very difficult. He will leave a hole that I think people don't really understand.

Move about heart attacks

It is unclear what really happened to Zeljko Brlek. But it was a heart attack that occurred during a short visit in Croatia.

– I have talked with some of his relatives and best friends who say that he just fainted. He drove him to the hospital, then he could not stay there again, then he left that night. What they know is that it is a heart attack.

The agreement will be very large, Gehrke said

"We will think about it all the time. Not because of what happened, but because he will not be there. You will see it very much.

What did he mean for Jamtland Basket?

"He means a lot to many people. It is unique to him. He has the ability to know whether someone feels bad, and to talk and peek he just brings it with him.

Extraordinarily popular

"The worst of all is that his daughter (who is 10 years old) will not understand who his father is and how popular he is. I have received more than 300 texts (written) from people around the basket who regret and understand how much he intended.

On Tuesday, the idea is that Jamtland will meet Norrköping at home. It is not clear whether the match will be played or not.

Zeljko Brlek is only 41 years old and leaves his wife and child.

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