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Jan Malmsjo for the pain in Melodifestivalen

Veteran: "He broke a door and was operated"

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Malmö. He broke his neck and was cut off by death.

Six years later, 86-year-old Malmö is still struggling with the pain during the Melodifestivalen.

"It's a few years ago, but it's in it," he says.

Jan Malmsjö is struggling to remember the lyrics of Melodifestivalen on Saturday.

For Nöjesbladet, the artist and the actor talk about the pain after the bad case six years ago.

Jan Malmsjö was near death when he fell to his home and broke his neck in 2013. Physicians were forced to go through the neck and fix the neck with titanium screws, and the artist and the actor made it.

Now, six years later, he competes in Melodifestivalen and still struggles with the pain on stage.

"I broke my neck and worked. It's a couple of years ago, but it's shit. And when I was operating, the last thing I heard when they came through the neck and fix the vertebrae was: "Fear your vocal cords," says Jan Malmseyo.

Do you still feel it?

– Yes.

How do you do it to work even with neck pain?

– You always mumble. And then you have happy collaborators.

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Jan Malmysho in Melodifestivalen.

Loose text on ropes

At the same time, he struggles to remember the text of Living Life. During the rehearsals on Thursday, he dropped the words over and over again.

"Everything was not sitting, but it was not until Saturday. I'm trying to do my best work. It will be corrected on Saturday, he says.

It's been 50 years since Jan Malmsjo took part in Melodifestivalen last. In 1969, he competed with the "Hello Clown" contribution and finished in second place.

He really did not have any plans to join again. Malmsey decided to retire when his colleague Class Malmberg convinced him to participate in his summer theater last year.

She is convinced by Bjorkman

Then the Melodifestivalen executive producer began Krister Bjorkman his persuasion campaign.

"I really do not understand what to do with these young people Anderz Vretev I wrote this song especially for me, and then Christer Bjorkman came with charm and convinced me. He did not have to flatter me, he has this friendly soft side.

Malmsjo has lived with the actor for 50 years Marie Göranson and the couple has a son Jonas Malmsjö together. But on Saturday Jan gets alone. Neither Marie nor Jonas will be in Malmö.

– No, no.

I hit the stage

In recent years, Jan Malmsjo has been attracted to failed health.

In 2006, he hit the scene in the middle of Dramaten's play "Dödsdansen".

In 2016, he was forced to cancel his participation in the "Sugar" show in Malmö after falling into a staircase in Arlanda and bloody. During the same period he suffered from dizziness and needed rest.

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