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Jari stopped Mikael Yumer in Bostad Gothenburg Post

The fifteenth Nicola Jarri became too difficult for the little brother Imer and took the command in the first set. The long skein (198 cm) dipped from the main line with solid front strikes and obviously went straight to 3-0.

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But Michael Immer found a counterattack, broke and took her to the spot. The Swede sometimes struggled for his serving games. He was holding his head cool, getting the length of his return, and at some point he had a lucky rider in his favor.

A controversial decision

Although there is a controversial 5-5 sentence, the Swede is expensive. He lost the match and Gary could break into some winning 7-5.

In the second set, Ymer Jarry's service broke off immediately, but when the 23-year-old Chilean refused, Ymer expressed disappointment on the track. Shouting and tearing his shirt.

Although Ymer then followed up with a game-play game, he had to tear it so much harder than Chilean and finally the power took his right at the height of the center course.

Serve his match

Jarry broke the Ymer 5-3 service points and then served the home set and the match.

The 64th Chilean leader is in the third round, where he will meet Frenchman Jeremy Chardy, who has rejected Jari Christian Garin's highest-ranking colleague.

Staying in the tournament is the second Swedish, big brother Elias Imer. He plays on Thursday in the second round against the Portuguese Joao Souza.

Jonas Dagson / T.T.

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