Tuesday , March 21 2023

JUST NOW: Attempted murder at the Scania Guest House


Police were alerted to the current drama at 11.19 on Saturday. Initially, one is careful to reveal the details of the incident.

Police say the incident was classified as attempted murder.

"We are currently on site with several patrols," says police spokeswoman Katarina Rusin.

According to Kvällsposten, there must be a male employee who was attacked. Initially, it is unclear whether the violence took place indoors or outdoors.

Police later concluded that the crime scene was believed to be mostly outdoors.

A major police response and ambulance were sent in response to the accident alarm. The ambulance was later seen leaving the scene with the victim, according to information in the Evening Post.

Conducts an interrogation

"We are currently trying to take a picture of the incident by interviewing people on the spot," says Katarina Rusin.

Initially, there was no information on the injury situation. Not even the reason for the suspected attack.

Initially, major police efforts sought a possible offender who had to leave the scene on foot. The patrol is involved in the search.

Police later announced that a suspect could be found as candidates in the area. The person has already been sent for questioning.

The place was also blocked by police. Several guests must have been turned away after the inn was temporarily forced to close.

Kvällsposten sought representatives from the restaurant who did not say they had time to speak.

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