Thursday , November 26 2020

Karl-Gustav Holgersson died Aftonbladet

The legendary people quietly fell asleep

Photo: Maria Holmén / TR Bild

Karl-Gustav Holgerson is dead


One of Sweden's biggest traveler has left Earth's life.

Karl-Gustav Holgerson is dead.

He fell asleep at the fake infirmary on Thursday afternoon.

At the age of 88, Karl-Gustav Holgersson was asleep, writes Sulkysport.

October 28, 1930 Carl-Gustav "K-G" Holgersson was born in Lidingö, "Holger" grew up in Sundberg in Stockholm and his life was for horses.

As a horseman, Carl-Gustav takes care of Carné and Gay Noon at Ernst Johan Nordin. 1954, at age 24, became a professional coach of Holdender, first of Schlenefte, and before returning to Stockholm, he also rejected Boden and Solange.

As a coach he performs horses like Emmer W., Lyum Rodney and Metro Star. Emmer W. became the third millionaire born in Sweden, Lymund Rodney became fifty Swedish record holders, winning an Eliteball experience, and Metro Star participated in two hours at Elitlop in Solvara.

Moved abroad

Karl Gustav Holgerson appeared in the 1980s and 1990s in Italy and is also active in Germany and Slovenia. Holger also publishes books, including My Life & My Horses, which he publishes at the age of 78. Holgerson also loved painting, preferably in oil, and his paintings were exhibited at the North Traveeum in Årjäng. The last "star" Holgerson brought was Senior Advisor Jolie, who won double victories at the V75, the last in 2014, when Holger was 84.

Karl Gustav "legend" Holgerson is 88 years old.

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