Wednesday , February 8 2023

Loving support of Nour El Refai during pregnancy


31-year-old comedian Nur El Refay is expecting his first child to have with boyfriend Henrik Schifert, 51 years old.

But the humor actor, who also ran the Melodifesto, had an extremely difficult pregnancy that he was sick of all the time. Earlier, El Refei stated that he suffers from hyperemesis, which means he sometimes spits up to 17 times a day.

She's starting to feel better: "I have to get there"

Now she thanks Nur El Refai for the support she has received from both her followers and loved ones during the difficult pregnancy and notes that she is finally feeling better. Now he looks forward to doing some work before the baby arrives.

"Thanks to all the sweet people who write and wonder how I feel. Finally I'm getting better. Only "sick" type every third day. I have never been ill for so long. A lifetime of rest. But I will do a few live concerts at the end of August and the beginning of September. (Returns with date). I just have to get pregnant on stage, "Nour El Refai wrote on Instagram, to a clip on the Family Guy television series.

Family support is important

The actress also tells how important it is to her that the family has been able to spend time with her when she is ill and has helped her leave home from time to time.

"The baby's longing to come out is huge. Until then – thank you to your family for walking slowly with me all summer and forcing me to the beach or a forest walk so I can vomit in a beautiful environment. I love you, ”Nour El Refai wrote on Instagram.

The Express has asked for Nur El Refai, who does not want to comment anymore.

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