Saturday , May 21 2022

Low adhesion recovery – forced to leave the United States


Blogger Isabella Blondinela Levengrip moves to New York to expand her business and become a more international profile and businesswoman.

On social media and on her blog, she shows her apartment on Lexington Avenue in downtown New York, just three blocks from Central Park.

"I am so happy! Finally, our apartment is finally here. Happiness was total when I opened the door. I really have the best broker in the world, Eli Ken has cooked the refrigerator with Don Perignon since 2004. Of course we will celebrate it later! ”, Löwengrip wrote on Wednesday and continues:

"The apartment is furnished, but is missing a lot like quilts, towels, cups, cutlery, etc., so it was straight and have a little shopping."

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They do not have a visa

But Levengrip should not be enjoying her new home completely – the blogger has not yet been able to obtain a visa, which means she will have to return to Sweden again by the time the process is completed.

"I also met my lawyer, who deals with the visa process. Everything will be ready in a few weeks, but now I have received a recommendation not to return here during the process. It's good for Louise, she's a citizen. We work at LtD here (an American company) and Louise lives in the apartment and prepares as much as possible. There is a lot of admin that needs to be done, ”writes Isabella Leuvengrip.

She is also saddened to leave the luxury apartment in Manhattan, return to Sweden – and looks forward to the changes that will lead to a visa.

"I'll be on the phone for the remaining 5-6 weeks. I'm so in love with the apartment and I don't want to leave it at all, but I get to enjoy the rest of my days in New York and then enjoy the end of summer in Sweden. I really long for everything to be a visa. I've been here a lot lately to make appointments, but I haven't been able to work here and pay. "

The Express sought Isabella Leuvengrip, who declined comment.

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