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Luleo's and Röl's goal was raped

Luleo's goals were killed: "Do not see the puck"

fromAndreas Käck

Isac Lundeström welcomed for goals, but the joy gave up.

The target was convicted of "kicking" for Luleo's great surprise.

"I really do not know why he was convicted. It's hard to hit something you do not see, says Niclas Olauson in C More.

"Totally incomprehensible," said Niklas Vikegard.

The match between Rögge and Luleo came to an elongation and after all Luleo brought the extra points after a goal by Niclas Olauson.

But then the conversation was about something else.

Luleo was annoyed by the judges.

You hit the head

In the middle of the third period, Olauson was recently mentioned in the face of Leo Bristet of Rogel in connection with a combat situation in the corner of the port in his own area.

Olauson fell on the ice, but he could climb his own machine and return to the cabin. From there he was surprised to see that the judges did not issue any expulsion – making the 32-year-old mad.

He stood in the cabin and received a hearth.

Soon after, the next situation came when feelings arose.

Abandoned Objectives

Isaac Lundstrom was glad to have done 3-2. But the judges chose the video screen situation and assessed that Lundstrom had used the "kicking motion".

Lundstedm himself laughed only when he received the message, and Niklas Olauson could not understand the arguments of the judges. He meant that Lundeström, without knowing, had pulled his washer on his leg and that, inadvertently, he turned to the target.

– Goals must be goals. I really do not know why he was convicted. It's hard to kick something that you do not see. He does not see the puck, says Olauson in C More.

The studio is backed by Niklas Vikegard.

– Kick motion? When? How? It is totally incomprehensible that they judge the purpose, says the expert.

So many gold SMs have a SHL law 00:26

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