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Madeline's party tonight – so she came without Chris

This year, 20 years after Queen Silvia founded the Children's Rights Organization, Childhood – something that should be celebrated well throughout the year.

And the initial shot went on Thursday night when it was marked with a warning during a big dinner gathering and a Tyrol restaurant party at the fantastic Djurgården in Stockholm.

Princess Madeleine is also very involved in her mother's organization and has arrived in Sweden from Florida for the event she has arranged.

For her she had four friends, Inger von Poort, Luis "Lutsen" Thoth, Catharina von Horn, and Lovissa de Geer – the last three are some of the princess's closest friends, all three of whom belong to the Stockholm society.

The four girls and organizers arrived together shortly before Princess Madeleine.

"It's very fun, Katarina von Horn said in the evening before leaving the red carpet and getting out.

Lovisa de Geer, Katarina von Horn and Luisa Lutsen Tut, along with Inger von Poort and Princess Madelin, and organized the anniversary dinner of childhood.


"Great to have it at home"

Princess Madeleine herself came with Prince Philippe, and she was in a long, silver-gleaming dress. The pair of sewing looked relaxed, and Princess Madeline danced a little with the chorus of the children's choir, the exclusive dance and music school "Base 23", which enthusiastically sang Astrid Lindgren's songs for the arrival guests.

Prince Philip Philip joined his sister Princess Madeleine at the dinner she had organized on Thursday night.
Princess Madeline and Prince Charles Philippe.

For Madeline, who lives in Florida with his family, gathering dinner was an opportunity to see many friends.

"It's great to have her at home," says the friend, fashion profile and entrepreneur Sophie Fahrman.

The guest list was a celebrity club – the red carpet, among other things supermodel Caroline Winsberg, star DJ: Axel Aswell Hedforces and artist and lead-ing Mari Sernhehold.

Countess Mariana Bernadot was also in her place, who despite his 94-year life is alert and alert.

– It's great with me. It's good to be here, says Marianne Bernadotte, who had high expectations in the evening.

Countess Marian Bernadot (average) expected the evening.


Chris O'Neill remains in Florida

Several of the close friends of Royal Princess Victoria also enjoyed the "Childhood" party – Leonion Persson and Caroline Dininkelspeel appeared in the crowd. The Crown Princess couples themselves, however, did not attend, but they replaced the Åre for the World Cup – where the king and the queen also went on Friday.

Friends of Princess Victoria Caroline Dinkelspiel and Peder Dininkelspiel.


But on Thursday evening, the two were so clear to Tyrol to celebrate that the Queen's organization was filling evenly. Childhood works to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children, and the Queen is passionate about the issues. King Karl Gustaf wanted to support his wife, and they arrived about half an hour after the other guests.

In addition to the Crown Princess couple, Princess Sofia missed the dinner, which had her own commitments with the Project Playground charity.

Large parts of the royal family were in place in Tyrol.


So Chris O'Neill so clearly who has not traveled with his wife Princess Madeleine in Sweden.

"He supports Princess Madeleine, being at home and taking care of the children, has three very young children," says Margaret Torringen, head of the information office.

Madeleine works with the book in Sweden

During the Thursday dinner, which was entirely organized in favor of childhood, auctions were held and the guests were offered several shows and surprises.

Princess Madeleine came to Sweden on Wednesday and has several intense days in Stockholm before returning to Florida. On Friday, the Princess will work with the children's book "Stella and the Secret," which she publishes about childhood.

"Of course, that always means a lot for the princess to come home. But these are intensive working days, says Margareta Torringen.

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