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Magnus Werner for Bipolar Life – Family

Do you have depression or bipolar disorder, or are you suffering from fatigue syndrome and have no support, understanding, and partner? Or maybe you are relatives or relatives of someone with a mental illness and feel abandoned and lost? Balance Sörmland is completely new, until the first Balansfikat last week, chairman Magnus Werner, one of the twelve initiators who formed the board, could welcome 14 visitors.

"We are not yet as well known, but we hope we will soon be able to start with meetings, seminars, lectures, talk and cohabitation groups in the country. We are currently working to reach the poor with information that we exist and what we can offer.

– Mental health is increasing everywhere and we do not live directly in the social space. Often we have a worse social contact network, and illnesses easily lead to lower levels of education, worse finance, living with grants, and unhealthy lifestyle habits. We smoke often, we drink too much, we have bad self-esteem, and we are embroiled in shame and guilt. Today there must be so much space, people display their villas, cars, skiing and sunshine in the social media. Then entering and saying, "I am mentally ill, such a person who dares to come to society," is not an accent.

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"We want to be an alternative, which can offer something that healthcare has no resources," says Balans Sörmland chairman Magnus Werner.

An important building block in Balan operations is call groups. Magnus notes that the word has some negative sound, which is easy for the thoughts of the American meeting essays, and the participants of the chairs in a ring.

"I think we should call the blows for" hot push "instead. The idea is to meet and talk, to share experiences and to support one another. Often, it can work better than talking to a psychologist who sees your situation from a "von oben" point of view.

"You women are so good at it, while we, men, often have more difficulty warming and supporting each other.

Fatigue syndrome is a relatively new diagnosis that has become a public health problem, and according to Magnus it carries a markedly increased risk of mental illness in the affected person.

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Mental illness is increasing and occurs everywhere in society. Last but not least, many young people are affected.

– Heart fatigue causes brain damage that we know today. It is difficult for you to remember, have trouble talking and social life is affected. The neighborhood says it's not time to start and work normally now. It is very important to get back into the community again and start meeting people, but you may not return to the stressful situation at the workplace. And to start training, it takes time. There must be an alternative and that is the difference that we want to clog.

The health of the psyche often leads to a shorter life, Magnus notes, claiming that bipolar disorder often shortens the life of the victim by 10-15 years through increased suicide and unhealthy liver.

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Serious mental illnesses do not lead to suicide attempts. There are others in Balani who understand what you are experiencing.

– The municipalities and the Federal Republic of Sweden are doing their best. In the Sörmland region you can easily get to the chairs, and many doctors can not make the right diagnosis. We want to be an alternative, which can offer something that healthcare does not have resources for. Together with people who understand what you are experiencing, there is no need for explanations. We also know that the best way to feel good and live for a long time is to have a great social interaction in addition to healthy eating and exercise. Come and come out with us!

Magna Werner usually goes on a normal way of life, like most people, except that sometimes it is interrupted by high mountains and deep valleys. Today he feels good, the medicine helps him clear the worst waves caused by bipolar disorder. His diagnosis received him in 2003 as a 40-year-old.

"You were born with deposits, but with good education, the disease may never explode. We have a board member who had his first and so far only a 60-year-old forest. By the way, I can say I had symptoms like a child. I got my first depression when I was seven, and we moved 50 miles to Blackwing. When I was eleven, we lived in four counties, went up and down at school, and in my teens I did my first suicide attempt.

– I had to die at 20 when I overdose the drug. But Mom knew what had happened and found me.

Magnus underlines the importance of supporting relatives.

– I think about what my parents had to go through. They had taken me when I was interrupted, they found me closed and dressed in psychiatric wards. And we could never talk about it. It is often worse to stand by them, so we will focus on relatives.

Balance also has an important task to disseminate knowledge and information to society as a whole. Magnus argues that anyone who works with people in one way or another needs knowledge of mental illness in order to better capture individuals in need of help.

– When I'm hypomanic and on tours, I can work 20 hours a day before I get up. Every problem is an opportunity, I do not see any obstacles and just explode with energy and ideas. Then comes anxiety and deep depression, at one point I lay for most of the year. But between catastrophes, I can be stable for many years, the disease really is only part of my life. But he controls and influences everything. It is difficult to combine professional life with mental illness. This is an eternal balancing act that requires strength and planning.

The dream of becoming a doctor has broken Magnus. Five years of research have failed to complete.

– Big debts and infidelity are common in bipolar wake, and it's so easy to say that the sick have no morals. But without illness, problems have never happened. The illness causes you to lose your judgment and realization of reality and to act in a way you will never do when you are healthy. It's not about morality, it's a morbid state as real as a tumor of cancer.

– I did it pretty well because I did not suffer from difficult paths or psychoses, but I lost a lot of money for all my companies, projects and investments, and I have two divorces behind me. The only thing I kept in my life is my three children.

Now Magnus Werner is at Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan's premises in Eskilstuna and works with the Balans Sörmland business. He and the board are grateful for all the help they can get. Whether you want to become a leader in hot talk or participate in activities, become a sponsor or lecture.

"I myself think that this fall will have a working group for men. "Crochet with Werner" sounds nice?

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