Saturday , July 24 2021

Malmo FF-Sarpsborg – Simon Banks krona

Malmö. The Swedish master is only Swedish champion in a few days.

Last Malmö FF European Team?

They took a step in the wrong direction, it was only slightly cooler in Malmo.

Seen in Genk, protruding towards Besiktas, squeezed on plastic in Sarpsborg. Those who want to summarize the European Parliament Malmö FF need a wide angle.

There is no pattern, we don't see any lines. One day they were pale, the next world leader, the third frozen and thirsty.

That's why we are here, so we go to the stadium.

We want to know: What made Uwe Rösler crazy together? What is the MFF for the actual group? Who in the world can you trust?

Autumn sweeps with the haze of hemp-dramatic horror films, weather weather maps have sailed to other places, and not against me. Sarpsborg shouldn't meet under the sun, it sounds in the name.

Extraordinary gambling, resource-rich, and "Norwegian extremists", the Geir Bakke gang, brought several thousand supporters to the south to fight Scandinavia, and this time it will not be reprinted from the latter. There is no artificial grass, no desert, no surprises.

There are no apologies.

This is not tiki-taking

You probably know what it's like to play tennis at the amateur level? When players are slightly worse acting ballboards and putting back the ball and the player is a little better trying to speed up the ball? If a good player is good, he will win, if not sooner or later he will be destroyed, deceived by his own ambition.

There you have Malmo FF-Sarpsborg. Norwegians show all their weapons in four to five minutes at the beginning. They broke Anders Christiansen's enthusiasm with aggressive pressure and until finally, they sent the ball straight to destroy Rashad Muhammed, sending all their members, relatives and relatives around Patrick McDinnerson in the MFF penalty area to fight at left back. The case of the monster Joachim Thomassens.

This is not tiki-taking. But this is football.

And it's up to the Swedish champions (they are only a few days to) to push the ball, move to Norway and take care of the match.

MFF tried. Sören Rieks and Arnor Traustason pressed the edge of Sarpsborg, Behrang Safari worked more than just back and got to the post – and that was good. They arrived, they urged, but they did not knock down the barrier. Because edge games work, it is the only MFF that is really tried. They did not dare to play past Sarpsborg's first stationary line, they chose not to put the ball in the middle to vary the game, and when the entry came, they won too few duels. Markus Rosenberg seemed to lose his temper, wandering around in the ball and not even in place when the ball went into the penalty area.

The MFF has a match grip, the crowd is behind, but there is always something taken. A little courage, a little speed, a little variety or – if we have to be honest – a little quality.

For some things, it is safe to explain with grass that is not really suitable for playing fast after the field, but also about something simple like Malmö FF 2018 is not yet a team that only passes and makes matches when they meet a team like Sarpsborg, who doesn't care about one detail.

There isn't even a waffle with sour cream

A confused Besiktas offered them on the surface – and the MFF ran over them.

Sarpsborg doesn't even bid waffles with sour cream.

We have become accustomed to making Malmö seduce us at night stadium like this, somewhere there is a feeling that they can spend the second half to do it right now. If they just continue, if they become a little warmer, if only they …

… if they don't start exchanging long balls with Sarpsborg.

Now it's exactly like that, and it's not at all logical that it ended with Danish mortar Mortensen nodding 0-1 to the end.

In front of the match, the MFF chases a playoff, with half an hour remaining they stare straight into the void. Besiktas made it 1-0 at Genk, the MFF was under, but before the night ended, they had a chance. The patented Vindheim ball (diagonally into the penalty area, from Bachirou to Eric Larsson this time) allows Marcus Antonsson to send a receipt and when Sander Berge dumps a receipt for Genk, the stadium goers can delay his anxiety for several weeks to.

They may not be what they want to be, but they also don't count.

On Sunday they finally became Swedish champions. Europe remains open for a while. It's up to Malmö FF to get his place there.

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