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Manchester United – PSG: What are you doing now, Ole Gunnar Solskayer?

MANCHESTER. The Savior practiced, the key players were eliminated, and the worst enemy settled.

So what are you doing now, Ole Gunnar Solskayer? How fast do you travel from this, Manchester United?

So much more difficult than that will not be the dangers.

When Ole Gunnar Solskjayer spoke before the game, he was filled with respect and admiration for Pari Saint-Germain, but with a complete smile he added to a mine how even their experience was limited.

"Not yet at Old Trafford, right?"

The subtitle was clear – it is an arena where even the giants of the continents fall – but it has become clear that it is possible to send this oversight in return.

Eleven matches as a manager? Ten wins and one cross?

So be it. But Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had not yet met a team like Paris Saint-Germain, right?

It's true that it took a little less than 15 seconds before fugitive Jesse Linggard pressed PSG and Presseh Kimbeam across the corner of the corner, but that's not the resistance you just experienced.

Manchester United was really trying to turn the team up to eleven, but even the PSG victim was a smart and fierce PSG.

Thomas Tuchel has created a special hybrid system – sometimes a three-spoke line, sometimes four – and quite quickly and simply, they gathered together the image of the game and the opponents.

Manchester United ran, Paris Saint-Germain ruled – and at the top of the stands they made a completely exclusive floor to shut up and stifle all the enthusiasm and inertia that had been built in Old Trafford.

The evening bent down the road and an old acquaintance stepped into the lead role.

Prior to the match an old old teammate from Old Trafford had gone to the British press and categorized Angel Di Maria as a "full fanatic," kindly translated a description of someone who is not particularly keen on football battles.

Tonight he gave such a strong counter-argument that he actually killed the discussion.

Old Trafford worshiped him, someone threw him a bottle. Within minutes of the first half, Ashley Young drove him into the metal grille a few meters from the side line.

But when Jesse Linggard and Anthony Martial were forced to break, Angel Di Maria went back into the game-and dominated.

He hit the corner which gave a goal of 1: 0, tilted forward and gave a 2-0 goal and he remarked so manly that his double curse against the stands was over 4,500 jambo.

"Complete gentlemen," someone said. "Damn it," said Angel Di Maria, and once again called him.

It was his match.

Tiago Silva, Marco Verratti, Marguinos and the lovely Kilian Mabé perform at the highest international level, but none of them play with the same fiery obsession as Angel Di Maria.

After coming out in just over 80 minutes, both of them came, saw and won. The section greeted him with an applause that never seemed to end.

He had made it clear that Paris Saint-Germain had done his own.

This is not a handle that stands and falls with Neimar – in this case it has become quite difficult, but quite often – but it is a law that Thomas Tahle finally seems to be heading for the last stage of development.

And Manchester United? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

The harder it is, the more we will not be.

Lingard and Martial injured, Paul Pogba deported. The goblins are obviously obsolete. Arena where the only sound heard during the minutes was the triumphant "butter" of the PSG fans, and the team's guest only kept the ball and just played.

It was a painful landing for the crash of all the dreams that had begun to carry over Old Trafford, but it would always come sooner or later. It is completely unreasonable to expect a demoralized ironing line to become a complete European team in less than two months.

Everyone knows that masters are only partially defined by their victories, that at least so much is about how they deal with their failures.

As a healer, Ole Gunnar Solskayer was extremely successful. From now on, we can begin to recognize how good he is as a manager.

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