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Measles in Europe gathered 72 lives – Infection

Last year, 82,596 Europeans, both adults and children, were infected with measles in 47 of the 53 countries in the region, the World Health Organization (WHO) wrote in a press release. This is the highest figure during this decade and three times more than 2017 and a full 15 times more than in 2016. About 60% are hospitalized and 72 people are killed.

This coverage of the second vaccine dose in Europe has never been as high as it is now (90% in 2017).

The WHO is probably saying that this is because the progress achieved at national level is not accompanied by the corresponding progress at local level. Thus vaccinated individuals are "unevenly distributed" within a given country, meaning that there are pockets with a large number of unvaccinated individuals, pockets that have not been noticed until the outbreak of the disease.

"This picture shows that the current rate of increase in coverage will not be enough to stop measles circulation." Although data show an extremely high level of coverage at the regional level, they show that a record number of deaths and deaths have occurred. This suggests that there are still local loopholes that offer the virus an open door. We need to do more and do better to protect each person from diseases that are easy to prevent, "says Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab in the press release.

In Sweden, protection against measles and other infectious diseases, such as red dogs or mumps, is usually high with over 95% coverage. Still, Sweden also suffers from insignificant outbreaks. Last year, a total of 38 people were infected with measles in Sweden, of which twelve were infected in a hearth in January.

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