Monday , July 26 2021

Mjällbysupporters & # 39; Chocolate Hay to the Archival | SVT News

Flowers and chocolate appeared earlier this Monday, and Pelle Ödlund surprised something. With a total of four goals during qualifying he is the person who ensures that FK Karlskrona does not play in Division 1 next year.

– I'm a little surprised, of course. This is actually only from the interest that I have, but it's never wrong with a little appreciation, "he told SVT News Blekinge.

Are you surprised by the sender?

"I have heard that there is some competition between Mjallby and Karlskrona, but I don't think that much. But there is nothing I have observed.

"You won't smile at each other"

Sillastrybarnas Chair David Berggren explained the presentation.

"Over the past year, Karlskrona and newspapers talked about changing faith in Blekinge and said they were the best team in the area. So we thought we were doing something nice now while walking. Trollhättan is a good team that deserves to continue.

What did you get for the reaction?

"Most people like it, and understand that it is with the eyes in the eyes. Some believe there is hatred between us, but it is far from the truth. This is only competition that has been built, and I think it should. There are two different teams who struggle to be the best in Blekinge and then you don't have to go to sleep with each other.

Mjallby won the Division 1 South and played at Superett next season.

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