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Nanne Bergstrand left Kalmar FF, according to information

Has called for a press conference: "Will leave a message about the future of Nannes"

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Nanne Bergstrand left Kalmar FF, according to information.

Nanne Bergstrand, 62, left Kalmar FF.

The coach has resigned, according to the information given to Expressen.

The decision is expected to be official during a press conference on Wednesday.

Nanne Bergstrand, 62, left Hammarby in 2017 and returned to Kalmar FF, the club where he won BC gold and the Swedish Cup 2007-2008.

But at the end of July, the message was that Nanne could not be accessed indefinitely. The club then announced that it was for personal reasons, but was later told that it was due to exhaustion of depression.

However, since mid-September he has worked 25 percent as a scout.

Called for a press conference

"We hope Jens (Nilsson), Henrik (Rydström), and Festim (Pasho) lead the team until the season ends. Something else I do not believe, but Nanne will have the time he needs. Then we will see how the process looks and how long , club manager Mattias Rosenlund told the football channel earlier this year.

And now the message is Nanne left Kalmar.

According to information from Expressen, the coach has resigned. The club has called for a press conference at 9:30 on Wednesday and the decision is expected to be official. Kalmar writes that "You will leave a message about the future of Nanne Bergstrands in the association".

It is not clear whether Henrik Rydström and Jens Nilsson will continue as head coach next season.

Kalmar is the whole of Sweden with the remaining matches to play.

The team receives AIK on Sundays.

All shooters throughout Sweden since 2008 00:53

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