Sunday , June 13 2021

Nokia 2 users can choose to update

When the product manager of HMD Global Juho Sarvikas has answered questions about system updates, a long time has been asked about the Nokia 2 model. One might think this is not that important. The phone never had official distribution in Sweden, and since it is an extreme budget model, any other manufacturer would ignore the system updates. But HMD Global has had as a sales argument that they have to choose their specific mobile phones because they get support and updates for a long time.

Now Yuko Sarvikas has clarified the situation with Nokia 2. The phone currently has Android Nougat 7.1. The Android 8.0 Oreo update has proven that it requires more system resources on the edge of what the internal 1 gigabyte of memory can process. Today Google only supports Android Go phones, a kind of light version of Android with almost full functionality but less demanding for 1 gigabyte RAM phones. However, Android Go was not available when launching Nokia 2. The problem is that Google only allows system updates of Android Go on phones that have had Android Go from home so HMD Global has no way to "lower" Nokia 2 to Android Go.

Instead, the company will offer consumers a choice. HMD Global will make the Oreo update to Nokia 2, but this will negatively affect performance and therefore will enable users to opt if they want the new version of the system or stay the old one. Update Android 9.0 Pie is not up to date.

We are sorry, of course, for those who have Nokia 2 that we expect to receive in Sweden, but HMD's actions can still be seen as evidence that the company is making more efforts to support their phones than competitors.

The continuation of Nokia 2.1 is sold in Sweden. Since it is equipped with Android Go, it will get the Android version of Go 9.0 Pie in the first quarter of this year.

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