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Pearl's fear of – incurable disease

In November 2018, 44-year-old Charlotte Perrelli became a mother for the fourth time. But the road to his son Alvin was a long and difficult one for her and her husband Anders Jenson. After Charlotte had multiple abortions, she began taking medication with Cortison, which would help her body not accumulate fetus. It's been nine months today since her son was born, and Charlotte is on her way to recover from her pregnancy.

“I'm fine, but I still have a few pounds to lose. Cortisone takes a long time before it disappears from the body. Doctors think it will take about a year, and today Alvin is nine months old. So I still feel a little swollen in my arms and so, she says.

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Examine several x-rays

But for the first time since the birth of his son, it was difficult for the artist. She had pain in her body and was even suspected of suffering from rheumatism.

"I'm no longer bothered by what I had the first few months. Even then, I thought I had developed rheumatism. I had to do a lot of X-rays on both my back and my joints because it was a bit problematic and I had some discomforts, she says, and continues:

“But I don't have it anymore, and everything like that turns out to be no danger which is great. Now it's all about cleansing the body and returning it.

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"I'm a little scared"

Now Charlotte Perrelli hopes that the body will soon feel fully restored and plans to restart the exercise properly.

“I'm out and about, Powerwalkar. That's how I started, but not so much exercise, and it's a little spruce, because I'm a little scared, because I'm experiencing pain. It was difficult at first because of this, and I felt that I wanted the cortisone to start disappearing a little before going too hard. You are so fragile after pregnancy so I was a little worried.

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