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Play co-op games on the V75 and V86 with traveling experts at Sportblad


THE SKRÄLKOLLEN: Sportblad Environmental Guide for V75 on Saturday, August 10 in Åby • Here you can join the Sportbladet Cooperative Game


This weekend's V75 round will be set for Åby with a game stoppage at 16.20 on Saturday.

The pot has a jackpot of 41 million SEK.

Super sports magazine experts called the round. Here are the nails, the millions of cleaners and the quick analysis that you should not miss.

You also have the opportunity to view the Sportbladet stock system again through the links below.

– 4 Zizou (V75-4) I think it looks a little played this time, says Christopher Wickman.

“We haven't seen the bottom of my game,” says Eric Peterson.

AD: Jackpot 12 Million on the V86! Here you join the cooperative team and take a look at the Sportbladet cooperative system. [Extern länk]

In collaboration between Sportbladet and Travklubben.se, you have the opportunity to view the Sportbladet stock system on the V75 and V86.

It's Saturday Åby's V75 starting at 16.20 – a game flavored with a jackpot of 41 million SEK. The expert form is good.

During last Saturday's round of the V75 the whole team recorded over 270,000 kronor, and Mario Lipovac placed seven rights for "Marios Three Hundred" and "Marios Exclusive". The Sportbladet Jackpot system also empties the full container.

During Wednesday wear several V86 and Sportbladet Jackpot and Five Hundred Big Money experts pulled good money at 7 on the right.

Sportbladet experts have make a deep dive in the V75 range. Here are specialist nails, millions of cleaning products and quick analysis.

You have the opportunity to look at the systems by following the links.

The V75 percent is updated at 11.30am, Friday, August 9th.

AD: You can check out the Sportbladet jackpot here – come first, serve first. [Extern länk]

Eric Peterson:

– I was really glad 5 Ready to Rotate (V75-2)There is now stiff resistance, but should there be any driving between beloved Velten Versailles and strong Istanbul Boko, then Jan Silven and the horse could benefit from it. We haven't seen the bottom here … Six percent.

AD: Here you can see the great Pettersson V75 system. [Extern länk]

AD: Here you can see Pettersson's Lilla V75 system. [Extern länk]

Christopher Wickman:

4 Zizou (V75-4) I think this time it looks a little tricky and so gave me the four-year-old stallion. He has great knowledge in himself and the reports of coach Weiho Haiskanen also go in turn. It can win the hard way! Six percent.

AD: You can check out Wickman's great V75 system here. [Extern länk]

AD: You can check out Wickman's Lilla V75 system here. [Extern länk]

Mario Lipovac:

9 Hazar Boko (V75-3) has several races inside the vest and advances with it. He recently ended up really bad as second and I think this time might be a win. This is a horse of great capacity and with the right back it will end up really tight to a low percentage. Seven percent.

AD: Here you can look back at the Three Hundred Mario on the V75. [Extern länk]

AD: You can check out "Mario's Bloggsystem" on the V75 here. [Extern länk]

Mathias Carlson (Sports Magazine Insider):

10 Zaren Fas (V75-5) hadn't started a month before Jerry Riordan's debut at the latest. Above the rally, cousin Rickard N Skoglund sat mostly and went, but when he threw himself on the horse 150 meters before the finish, the trade was fierce. I can probably put everything here with a little help along the way. I chose many lengths of my favorite Missle Hill at the latest with a very quick ending. Eight percent.

AD: You can look back at the Sportbladets Insider system here. [Extern länk]

AD: You can check out Sportbladet's V75 Jackbpot system here. [Extern länk]

Andreas Örtengren (Sports Life magazine):

– 8 pastoral forces strange to play in the introductory part of the V75 game. This is the bronze final that has to be decided and the starting position is of course cold. But things usually happen in these final races, and if they are resolved on the road with fast paced and right backs, then Peter Untersteiner's fine five-year-old can get past everyone in the long run. Last at Akseval the horse walked on a healthy far country and behaved very boldly. Two percent is just too small and I won't play without it on the coupon. Three percent.

AD: You can check out the V75's "Living System" here. [Extern länk]

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