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Pleasure: Daniel Norgren takes it on the go

Daniel Norgren released the album

photo: Jessica Gow / TT

Daniel Norgren issues the album "Wooh dang", then goes on tour. "You will see pretty" pretty guys "playing" some sweet, sweet soul music, "he says.

In a desert house in the middle of the forest was added the musician and album of the soundtrack Daniel Norgren "Wooh dang". The goal during the process was not to think too much.

"Maybe I'm still on the move." He jumps by throwing an arrow and trying to hit the middle, says Daniel Norgren.

Better than Christmas Eve, but not near the birth of the son – Norgren describes the feeling of final release of albums. The upcoming "Wooh dang" became his eighth in the line and he described the album as an extrovert:

– It's a bit like opening a window when it's spring, then getting some heat and poisoning instead of closing and reading a book. I imagine it a wild garden.

He lives in the province just outside Boros, "he writes" in the woods, "he said during the interview," as many times before in the context of Daniel Norgren, the environment has come to characterize music. "When Buck recorded in 2013, he walks in his car at night and records a sound from the forest – even now nature is heard on the plate.

During the recording, Norgren moves with a musician in an old abandoned house, a white three-story villa, characterized by the joys of carpentry. Previously, the house served as a textile factory and retirement home – so clear that she also pursued the site.

There, among the bleached furniture and the piano, which was already in the beginning, already in the building, the album grew.

"The vision was not to think too much and let things happen. I wanted to make a live album in the studio, he says.

Far from the core of the music industry has left its mark on creation.

"I have never lived in the city, but I think that the fact that he lived in the country near nature is that he has given a dialect of music. It's not something I've been striving for, he's coming alone, "says Daniel Norgren.

He has grown up in a family of many musicians waking up during his childhood morning when playing music from groups like The Beatles. He himself played a little piano and learned the guitar of irritating history from the recycling station. At the age of 15 he knew it was what he wanted to do in life. With the help of his friend Pelle Nyhage he started recording, Nyhage founded a recording company, and now Daniel Norgren toured both Sweden and abroad.

Would you describe yourself as a celebrity?

– No. I took a little question, but I find it hard to think so. I can automatically become a celebrity, but I had no idea about it. It may be a bit of how we grew up, I should not be in the world of celebrities, and I did not want to be in such a world.

Daniel Norgren describes his new album as an extrovert and tried not to think too much during the process.

photo: Jessica Gow / TT

Daniel Norgren describes his new album as an extrovert and tried not to think too much during the process.


Daniel Norgren

Daniel Norgren was born in 1983 in Boras. In 2007 he released his debut album "Kerosene Dreams". He publishes, among other things, the full length of Buck 2013 as well as Alabursy and Green Stone 2015. He is now up to date with Wooh dang.

Date of travel: 27/4 Gothenburg, 28/4 Stockholm, 29/4 Boras, 30/4 Sundsvall, 2/5 Luleo, 3/5 Umeo, 4/5 Göle, 5/5 Gothenburg, 18/5 Copenhagen, 26 / 4 Oslo.

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