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Pokemon Let's Go: The Best of Two Worlds

In fact, all this was just a matter of time. Pokemon Go is still a success from today and does not use it as a gateway to more traditional games in the series will throw money into the pond. Nintendo has already tried this trick earlier when Pokémon Sun and Moon were released under the worst Go hittery, but, pure play, there are still big differences between the games.

This is where Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee come in the picture. Developer Freak has just embraced the easy accessibility of Pokémon Go and has created a hybrid. Hybrid, which generates skepticism in advance, but in practice works better than expected, though not perfectly perfect.

We live all in the world of Pokémon

Older fans of the series will feel at home right away. Let's Go can also be classified as a new version of the first game in the series. That's why we can handle the first 151 monsters, but on the other hand, we also get all the mega developments and Alola options for the purchase. And what does it do when we prepare to experience some of the most iconic places and events in the history of the series.

Let's go

Once we take our partner Pokemon, Eevee or Pikachu depending on the games and take the first steps out of the house, we notice the greatest innovation. All random battles are replaced by Pokemon Go. But instead of simply appearing on a blunt GPS card, they are standing in the bushes. Some fly, other fighters. It's like living in a real world of Pokémon. And, best, the proportions of the samples are taken into account. If you see a map of Onix or Gyarados, they will cover large portions of the screen. Absolutely magnificent and really on time.

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You have to catch them all

However, one who expects a traditional battle against monsters immediately wakes up quickly. The battle is now reserved for combat coaches and has since been virtually unchanged. To capture the Pokémon, we instead go directly mechanically extracted directly from Pokemon Go, customized for the different Nintendo Switch modes. If you release the handheld device, the console will focus on your change. This does not require much effort on our part and feels quite natural after some time.


Something we unfortunately can not claim remains when we release the TV in dock mode. Here's the only chance to simulate throwing poker balls using Joycon's control. Originally cool detail, but after a while the disappointment becomes unreliable and tiring. Also, Pokémon Let's Go is not compatible with Pro Control, something that can be seen as a missed opportunity. Playing in dock mode with the tilting control function is an excellent substitute for hand swinging while lactic acid is not. It simply ends with the fact that we play mostly in manual mode, although everything about Nintendo Switch is "playing anywhere and how you want".

Compliance is required when online mode fails

A detailed detail is the ability to park the game with Pokémon Go. By visiting the so-called Go-Park, we can send the monsters we caught in the mobile game. Unfortunately, unidirectional communication, sending Pokémon unfortunately is not possible. But at least we can collect monsters from different profiles without any problems and get bonuses in Pokemon Go for every transfer we perform. This also simplifies the process of capturing all monsters as they are scattered between the two different versions of Let's Go.

Let's go

Go is a savior in this respect. The feature previously used to send samples, the one between the two devices, is a shadow of what was previously. Of course, we can still send samples between switching consoles that are close together, but the online version is definitely a disappointment. Instead of taking advantage of the concept that works well in the latest 3DS games, we need to remember our friends about the transaction, selected character codes. And the change of Pokemon with a strange player, or in any way challenging, just forgets.

Reviews and ratings

Pokemon Let's Go, despite its shortcomings, is mostly a pleasant experience. Watching the monster walk around shrubs, plains and mountains really enhances the sense of starting a mission to capture everyone.

Combined with the most classic pieces of music in the series, memorable heroes and the best designed Pokémon (yes, a little less biased), Pokemon Let's Go also has the potential to be the best. Now the game feels more like an animated series – terribly good at first to become a real pain later. At the very least, if you play the TV in dock mode.

Facts Pokemon Let's go to Pikachu and go to Ave

Genre: Roleplay
format: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Nintendo, the Pokemon Society
Developer: The game Miracle
Launch: And now


Nice, colorful environments and Pokémon in a wonderful symbiosis.
Influence from other parts as well as the anime.
Common battles with walking mechanics make it more varied.


Limited control options.
Not much content after the final battle.
Kasst online mode.

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