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Police AIK police report security officer after strike

The event is the latest since escalation of the police around the Swedish football arenas, which began in mid-April. Then the Sundsvall police said they had banned the so-called OH flags (overhead flags) in connection with the Gif Sundsvall matches. Police motivate their decision OH-flags to cover the audience and can thus be used as a way to hide criminal offenses.

The decision was met by strong protests from the supporter, Sweden, which has been going on since then.

Great concern during the derby in Stockholm

In early May police Ola Osterling told the police communications department that the reason for their ban was to deal with pyrotechnics and that more teams could expect a ban on OH flags.

– Pyrotechnics is a risk to the arena's security. We have to deal with it. This is part of the risk assessment the police are doing, he said.

The already polluted atmosphere between the police and the supporters has become even worse after the Stockholm derby in the weekend between Jurgorden and AIK. Social media is spreading a movie where police say "should I break my finger?" A supporter who is ordered to take his cell phone, among other things.

On Wednesday, SportExpressen told us that the police are part of the regional order group, ROG, the former subway police. The department is described as a famous and controversial police.

New issues in Olympia

On Wednesday night he was again worried about the match between Helsingborg IF and AIK in Olympia in Helsingborg. After the game, a video shot outside of the fans began spreading through social media.

In the video, you see how many police officers and security guards have entered the Olympia section and how other police officers are deterring people trying to get behind the barriers.

SLO, John Skärlund, who is employed by the club, inter alia, manages "coordination and dialogue on the game and ongoing communication and dialogue with supporters," was in the guest section. He explains that the problems arose when the police wanted to identify a person they suspected had brought pyrotechnics with him.

"The supporters did not want to give the man the order and the noise," he says.

– Finally, I found myself in the middle of this, and I think the degree of suspicion that exists is not proportional to the police approach in trying to identify the person. There are other ways.

AOC's SLO has police officers who have reported security

Scarlund says a couple of cops have pulled the thumb over the supporters.

– Escalate when they pull a baton. I mean, those who were here do not have the routine to work in such situations, they get too stressed, he says.

Scarlund says he has seen the supporter beating his hand and that another supporter has suffered a panic attack. He also says that he himself was beaten by a security guard when he, like SLO, would try to enter and mediate the trouble.

– I hit the thumb over my hand. My role as SLO is to bring dialogue and calm down the situations. So I went into talking and the person I met was so stressed that he did not see me working, says Scarlund, who says he has reported the incident.

– I did a police report on the spot. I know the police also questioned him, but he has a completely different look. We'll see what happens.

Police comment on the issues

Calle Persson, a policeman in the southern police, tells how the police are looking at what happened in Olympia.

"Security guards have to check, there was a small faction and the police had to come in to calm the mood, which also happened. In connection with the noise was someone who wanted to report to someone else, and there could be more registrations. But no one was injured or detained, he says.

What happened?

– The people who wanted to make notifications had to do so and they would be investigated by the Helsingborg criminal trial.

One says he was beaten with a guard by a guard, can you say anything more about the situation?

– No, not the details, the notifications have not yet been written.

"They managed to destroy everything I mean"

The police issued a press release for the riots between them and their supporters before the match on Wednesday. In the press release, Wolff Johansson, Stockholm Police Commissioner responsible for police crime, said there was a broad dialogue between the parties involved.

"My picture is that the police, sports associations and clubs are pursuing the same goal and we have a very active dialogue with all the parties involved in the upcoming work," he says.

John Skärlund does not share this picture.

– My opinion is that many years have gone back in time when it comes to communication and dialogue with the police, this little one who was supporters before. They've managed to destroy everything, I mean.

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