Saturday , May 21 2022

Samir Badran Hank– celebrated with new love


Last October, 29-year-old Samir Badran suggested he was living with a mental illness and was burned. The artist admitted that he lived unhealthy, with too much alcohol and too little exercise.

"I was stressed, fasted, slept poorly, struggled to the maximum, ate poorly, drank a lot of alcohol and lived without thinking about health for most of my life. Unfortunately, over the last few months I have suffered some burns, ”Samir Badran wrote on Instagram in October.

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A new health life – after the breakup

Since then, the artist has been repelled by the burn, and after parting with Sigrid Berson at the end of the year, he firmly took down the party and began to focus more on his health.

– I participated every day. I participated and drank 20-25 times a month, he told Hand earlier this year.

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Now Samir Badran is sharing his new form when he is better trained than in a long time.

In one photo, the Bada nude artist sits barefoot in a salon wearing soft pants and a hat and showing off his super-form.

Until he himself commented on the image with more than one emoji

"Jääävlar," Julia Sundquist wrote of the boyfriend's photo.

Samir Badran sought the express.

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