Friday , July 30 2021

SAS drivers say "no" to mediators' bid – strike may break out at midnight

"We refused a few minutes after midnight. The strike in Sweden is running. I just sat in my car to go home and sleep. Our assessment is that the countries are too remote. Things should change so negotiations can continue to be meaningful, says Yan Sylin, one of the mediators of the Mediation Institute, for Aftonbladet.

Ebba Fredin, press secretary of Transportföretagen, who is the negotiator's employer, confirmed on Friday morning at 1:00 PM that the strike in Sweden was running, which was later returned.

"Not yet clear. But the strike is likely to explode soon, she says at 1:30 in the morning.

Negotiations with the pilot associations in Norway and Denmark continued after the end of the deadline at midnight.

Earlier on Thursday night Let the mediators submit an offer to the Swedish SAS pilots, who have now opted to give up, for which the news on the labor market was the first to report.

– Unfortunately, the pilots decided to refuse. We will work intensively by midnight and will do our best to make a decision, but it looks dark, says Torbjorn Grungev, who is the manager of the negotiations for the Swedish aviation industry of DN.

Employer thanked to the proposal of the mediators. Torbjörn Granevärn does not want to say what the offer looked like, except that he had a total salary increase of 2.3%. The Union has demanded an increase in salaries of about 13%.

"I do not want to go into more detail." But it can be said that the pilots remain in their claims.

Torbjörn Granevärn called the pilots as extreme and did not believe there would be another offer from the middlemen before midnight. It is expected to strike a total of 1500 SAS pilots.

Swedish Speaker The association of pilots Rawaz Nermany believes the offer submitted to Swedish SAS pilots at night is frightening.

– Added a medal offer that does not meet one of our claims. He borders on frivolity. Neither of the wishes or requests we had fulfilled, so we rejected this offer, says Rawaz Nermany.

He calls their payment requirements for a "market correction".

"It's not extreme. We are at the bottom and now we want a market adjustment.

Rawaz Nermany says they are now following the mediation process for all Scandinavian SAS pilots still in Norway.

Just a few hours before the strike could break out, the airline announced on Thursday night that it would cancel several departures, regardless of where the talks were leading. A total of 205 flights will be canceled until 12 noon on Friday.

– As a consequence From the warning issued by the pilot associations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, SAS is now taking preventive measures to reduce the impact on customers and crew. This means we will cancel a number of flights to avoid blocking customers and crew. If you have a reserved flight, please check your flight before you go to the airport. ", Wrote the airline on its website.

There is a total SAS expects 70 per cent of weekend flights and 170,000 passengers will be affected if the strike is interrupted. The remaining 30% that are shipped by other operators should not be affected.

The airline has offered a free rebooking for a later date for passengers. The offer refers to those who have a ticket with a departure date between April 26 and 29.

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