Tuesday , July 27 2021

Several cases of measles in Denmark Aftonbladet

Photo: CDC via TT

Denmark has five cases of measles. Commodity photography.


Five people have been suffering from measles in Denmark so far in February. The Danish Institute for Infectious Disease Control describes it as an outbreak.

Two new cases were opened on Monday and three were added earlier. In these cases, one can trace how and where each individual is infected.

"But when there are cases where we can not immediately tell where the infection was from, there is talk of some spread of the infection," said Peter Henrik Andersen, a doctor at the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control.

"We are saying here that it is not a matter of different occasions, but of a real outbreak where sea urine circulates in Denmark to some extent.

By 2011, Denmark had a large outbreak of measles when 80 people were infected.

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