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Sister criticism – after the failure in Helena's case


Helena Anderson disappeared in the summer of 1992 after attending a dance in Mariestad. The crime case is one of the most described in Sweden.

But more than two years ago, the suspect was arrested. He admits to having been with Helena the night before his disappearance, lacking an alibi and giving conflicting information, but was released shortly after.

"I have to find the body"

Formally, the man was still a suspect. So it's no longer after the prosecutor's decision.

“The police don't mean that much. But prosecutors have decided that if one is suspected for two years, he may no longer be there, police investigator Lars Johansson said of P4 Skaraborg.

Johansson says you cannot prove the crime the man was suspected of.

"To do this, we have to find the body," he continues.

He said the man was still interested in the investigation, which is expected to be forwarded to the Kala Fall group in Gothenburg soon.

Painful for the family

For Helen's relatives, it is difficult with another failure of the investigation, which has been going on for more than 27 years. Helen Gabriella's big sister tells P4 Skaraborg:

– Of course, it is painful for us because we remain in the same place. We have to understand what he did.

The message came neither from the police, the prosecutor, nor from the plaintiff's assistant, but through Postnord.

“I opened my mailbox and there was a letter from the district court. I thought: Oh, what is this? But then it was only about the plaintiff's assistant who gave up the assignment.

Gabriella Anderson is critical of the way municipal actions deal with the family. Above all, she thinks of her parents, who are now over 80 years old. When they received the letter at home, they did not understand the content that the suspect had been written off, Gabriela Anderson told P4 Skaraborg.

“It doesn't seem to matter what my parents get for information. This is about their daughter's life! And it goes on for so many years,

“And then you only get one letter. It's a little emotional, you might think. Like that, it doesn't matter.

The channel sought contact with the plaintiff's assistant's family without success.

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