Sunday , June 13 2021

So good is my real self with Sana Nielsen – ratings here

The show starts and the first ten are the fierce pace. The audience immediately lights up when Gladys Knights "I Feel the Song in My Heart". There is a scholarship: her favorites over the years, from a beautiful version of Bert Baharah "Everyone Who Had Heart" to the fascinating song of The Temptation "Prepare". There are also Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Patty Label and her own songs

It is constantly tense, the show is shrinking, well directed and illuminated, the interaction with the dense band is excellent, and when Sana is around, the musicians are released freely.

And it often changes, one creative work after another. It starts with a huge black hat and a black dress. Then there will be black lace with gold, a red, pale yellow swan tail, and finally a body sock with stones that shine.

It is believed that the clothes bill is high and visible.

"Sanna by Bromölla" is a comic number where it deals with the magnificent image of itself. She, who did not dare when she was young, was nervous and shy, and now turns around with trouble.

So good is "My Real Self" with Sana Nielsen


Sana Nielsen – My Real Self

Hamburger Börs, Stockholm.

WHO: Sana Nielsen, a group of singers, gospel choir Tensta cheerful noise.

WHAT: Grand luxury tavern with a bathroom and its creations. Script: Camilla Lakberg. Director: Vera Prada.

SEE: All spring.

She makes "thumb and aunt". One thinks the show is revenge for artist Sana Nielsen, and the barrel disappears in the vortex.

She makes her own songs very good. "Undo" takes the audience and they love her "The whole world for me," which she sings with the choir of the gospel. "And when she sits on the piano and lets" Blank Room "grow, then she is very good.

I'm a bit hesitant about introducing where she seems to be shuffling and screaming instead of talking to the audience. But she finds the balance, goes down a bit and finds the right position.

In the final, Donna Summers hit "Love is in control," and she bounces further into Survivor, which never ends. There you just have to give up.

Las Vegas smells of Aunt Bromley.

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