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Stefan Hedmark: Stan Lee himself is a superhero

The son of a Romanian tailor changed the series industry forever


I wrote a series when I was a teenager. But that's the humor I'm looking for. Trying to create something so ambitious (and neat!) As a superhero series, I don't dare.

Stan Lee is brave. He is a superhero himself. How else can you create so many iconic characters in a short time?

American cultural and entertainment life is nothing but talent that comes to the United States while moving from an intolerant Europe.

This also applies to series makers and icons Stan Lee, or Stanley Martin Lieber what he really called. His parents were Romanian Jews who came to New York to try their luck, struggle with depression and raise a boy who saw Errol Flynn fight in the cinema and dream of capturing adventure in serial form.

At the same time when the world was thrown into a fiery world war in 1939, he entered the comic book industry and began working for a publisher which was finally called Marvel. "Captain America", the story of periodic super patriotic warriors was not created by him, but Lee was there in the scene and worked on the series.

His first super hero was called the Destroyer and about a journalist who ended up in a concentration camp and injected serum that made him a superhuman.

The creators of the Jewish comic book thus had an irresistible opportunity to devote his box to giving the Nazis to run.

Creating a fantastic man

along with Jack Kirby (one of the creators of Captain America), Lee became one of the characters driving behind the Marvel Revolution in the late 50s. The big break came with the creation of Amazing Four, a brutal quartet superhero, which appeared on the page of the first Marvel series in 1961.

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Stan Lee during the event in his honor 2017.

That was the beginning of a creative explosion of rare nature. The 1960s were a decade of America's future in form Kennedys promised to put a man on the moon. The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, The Spider Man, Black Panther and other heroes come regularly from the Marvel Factory. Everything is possible and the United States has superpowers, at least until the Vietnam War gives the picture a big fist in the stomach.

Stan Lee gets along with his time. Superheroes must be complex and struggle with difficult problems, both at a personal level and with issues regarding the present and the world at large. Superheroes are admired by children, but that does not mean that it will only be read for children.

He ensures that comics are a place to fight racism and prejudice. That contemporary comics and films based on them increasingly highlight women and introduce gay and non-white heroes fully in their spirit.

Success is worth billions

Marvel is now owned by Disney in a partnership that makes both companies richer. Films based on Stan Lee's creation are a billion-dollar success. It is impossible to deny that he understood his value. He has cared for the brand and is presented as the face of Marvel. Available for fans.

Of course it looked very empty that we would see Marvel's famous faceless film in a fun little role. That he will be 20 years old.

The son of a Romanian tailor really met the American dream.

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