Thursday , May 13 2021

Strong development of smoke when the Kungsholmen bus burns

"Fire is definitely out of control, it burns too much, and our efforts continue for many hours to, probably at night," says Peter Tristam, managing director of the fire department at Storstockholm, to DN.

The fire in the landfill The Nordenflychtsvägen in Hornsberg in Kungsholmen is probably caused by roofing work, and the police have produced a report of general negligence.

"When the alarm sounds, talk of a roof that has gone wrong," said Tistam, who is no closer to the cause of the fire.

The alarm arrived at 10.33 am. During the day the fire operation has a large number of employees for the operation, as most of 60 fighters of eight stations. Insight management helped with helicopter observations to create the necessary insight – the bus deployment has a surface corresponding to roughly two football plans.

There is no risk of spreading, never should.

Evolution of smoke has a post-taste became more powerful and smells of smoke spread in large parts of the Kungsholmen, including Fridhemsplan Metro Station a few blocks from the landfill.

"Probably the wind is lying and spreading smoke and smell to the northeast," says Peter Tristam, who probably supposes smoke smoke to be felt all over Stockholm.

On Tuesday, SL expects that there may be irregular traffic and some deviations may be canceled due to a fire, SL wrote on its website.

However, there should be no risk of inhaling dangerous doses of smoke.

Police are dealing with blockades in the area. The Nordenflychtsvägen, connecting the Kristineberg district with the Lindhagensgatan Transit Line, is closed.

Photo by Niklas Tegerström

At 17.45, Announced police that smoke has disturbed trafficking in Esslingleden and further east on Kungsholmen. It was then decided to reduce the speed limit on the track.

The police's assessment is that Essingeleden should not be closed but is still ready to follow such a step.

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