Thursday , May 13 2021

Support for Malmo residents was arrested for criminal groups

In the summer of 2017, several men from one of Malmo's criminal networks were placed in the shelter of a company bought by the municipality. They were placed there by the social services to help them escape abuses and crimes.

According to SVT Nyheter Skånes Survey, several residents still have criminal activity while being accommodated in homes for support. This is a violation of the contract that in many cases both the housing company and the social services fail to track.

By the way, several men have been convicted of storing drugs and explosives in the company's apartments. Two of the men in the criminal group were suspected of involvement in a blackmail blackmail blast in which one of the men's fingerprints was found.

The accommodation costs the municipality up to 1800 kronor per day for planned rehabilitation for men. A total of SEK 70 million was paid to the company.

Two employees were sentenced for cocaine storage in one of the apartments in the apartments. In court, one was released when the colleague took over the debt. However, my colleague continued to work.

Accommodation must also be used without a contract.

Company lawyer tells SVT that the company plays an important role in society and can not be accused of committing crimes or violating accommodation rules.

A person in the company's management acknowledges that it is a mistake to place more than the same chain in the premises.

After the review, the municipality is investigating the case.

– The information you provide generates a clear picture of a serious situation that we should expect. How we handle it, we know that the efforts we have made have not been effective, but rather have worsened the situation – we all have to look at it, "said Katarina Lindhegger, Head of SVT's Labor and Social Security Division.

DN has applied for Katarina Lindeberg for comment.

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